Illinois Trucking Accident Attorneys

Trucking accidents often bring devastating consequences. The sheer size and momentum of a commercial truck can result in severe physical injuries, lasting complications, and, in some cases, death. For victims of these collisions, the aftermath is often characterized by physical, emotional, and financial turmoil.

In these critical moments, the attorneys at Dollar, Burns, Becker & Hershewe can help you seek the justice that you deserve. Our Illinois truck accident lawyers combine years of experience with a commitment to securing fair compensation for victims. If you or a loved one are injured by a commercial truck, contact our personal injury attorneys today for a free case consultation.

Why Choose Our Illinois Trucking Accident Lawyers?

  • With over a century of legal experience, our firm has secured numerous high-value settlements for trucking accident victims, reinforcing our reputation for excellence.
  • Our Illinois trucking accident attorneys understand how painful and complex trucking accidents can be. We will leverage our skills, knowledge, and resources to fight for your right to justice.
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Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident in Illinois?

After a truck accident, determining liability is a crucial first step. In Illinois, there are many trucking rules and regulations. The party whose actions caused the collision is financially responsible for any damages sustained by the victim. Responsibility can rest with one or multiple entities, depending on the circumstances of the accident:

  • Truck Driver: The person operating the truck might be at fault if he or she was negligent in his or her duties. Examples include speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence.
  • Trucking Company: The company that owns the truck or employs the driver can be held accountable. This can occur if they neglect to maintain their vehicles, hire unqualified drivers, or pressure their employees to bypass safety regulations.
  • Cargo Loaders: The parties in charge of loading the truck’s cargo could be liable if the goods were improperly or unsafely loaded, leading to an imbalance or spillage.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers: If the accident was caused by a defective vehicle component, the company that manufactured the product would be liable for the accident.

How an Trucking Accident Attorney in Illinois from Dollar, Burns, Becker & Hershewe Can Help

When faced with the aftermath of a truck accident, it’s crucial to have knowledgeable representation on your side. A trucking accident lawyer in Illinois from Dollar, Burns, Becker & Hershewe can provide valuable guidance during this time, helping review the accident details, gather evidence, and determine the most viable legal strategy.

We can help you evaluate the extent of your damages so that you can recover a fair settlement. If necessary, we can tap into our network of expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf, helping establish complex facts about your case.

From insurance negotiations to courtroom representation, our lawyers will fight for your rights every step of the way, presenting your case with clarity and conviction. If you are injured by a negligent truck driver, don’t wait to seek help—reach out to our firm to plan your next steps.

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