Kansas City Uber Accident Lawyers

If you have been in an Uber accident in Kansas City, you know how quickly a simple ride can turn serious. Ridesharing has changed the way we travel, but it also brings new risks on the road. From minor injuries to major legal headaches, the aftermath can be tough to handle alone.

This is where Dollar, Burns, Becker, and Hershewe can step in. Our firm has a strong track record of dealing with rideshare accidents and understands the challenges you may face. Whether you need help dealing with insurance companies or fighting for compensation in court, our Kansas City car accident lawyers are committed to obtaining the best outcome for you.

Why Choose Our Firm for Your Uber Accident Claim?

  • Our award-winning trial attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience and are committed to seeking justice for our clients. We will fight for you at every step.
  • We are well-versed in the intricacies of Uber rideshare accident claims and will leverage this knowledge to craft a compelling case for your right to compensation.
  • Our firm believes that everyone deserves access to legal representation. We work on a no win, no fee basis—if we do not recover a settlement in your case, you will not owe legal fees.

Who Pays for My Injuries After an Uber Accident?

Determining who pays for injuries after an Uber accident can be a complex process, requiring significant investigation. If the Uber driver or another driver causes the accident, their insurance coverage may cover the damages that you sustained.

Generally, employers are liable for the actions of their employees, but because Uber drivers are independent contractors, the company cannot be held liable on that basis. However, Uber does provide insurance coverage to its drivers, including up to $1 million in liability insurance if the driver was en route to pick up a passenger or completing a trip. Additionally, Uber may be liable if its actions or policies directly caused the accident.

Injured in an Uber Accident? Contact an experienced Kansas City Uber Accident Attorney .

Do I Need a Lawyer to Represent My Uber Accident Claim?

Navigating an Uber accident claim can be complex, which makes legal representation critical in these situations. At Dollar, Burns, Becker, and Hershewe, our firm has deep knowledge of these cases and can guide you through every step.

Our Kansas City personal injury lawyers can support your case in several ways:

  • Understanding Uber’s Insurance Dynamics: We are proficient in dealing with Uber’s insurance structure, which varies based on the driver’s status, and can maximize your claim’s potential based on these factors.
  • Experience with Rideshare Regulations: Our firm stays updated on the rapidly evolving laws that regulate rideshare companies, positioning us to handle your case with the latest legal insights.
  • Skill in Establishing Liability in Multi-Party Accidents: Uber accidents often involve multiple parties which can complicate liability. We have the expertise to untangle these complexities and clearly establish fault.
  • Strategic Negotiation with Large Insurers: We negotiate aggressively with big insurance companies, including Uber’s, so that you do not settle for less than what your claim is worth.

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