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A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can ripple through the lives of the victim and their family, leaving a trail of physical, emotional, and financial hardships. At Dollar, Burns, Becker & Hershewe, we stand as a pillar of support and a voice for justice for TBI victims in Kansas City, leveraging our legal experience to restore balance to their lives.

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) in Kansas City are not to be taken lightly. They are severe and often life-altering injuries that occur when an external force causes brain damage. This external force can be a hit to the head or the violent shaking of the head and body.

The aftermath of a traumatic brain injury can be devastating, with effects ranging from mild concussions to severe cognitive impairment. Understanding the basics of traumatic brain injuries and their common causes can provide a foundation for appreciating the legal recourse available.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kansas City

  • Concussions: Often resulting from a direct blow or jolt to the head, concussions are considered a mild form of traumatic brain injury. However, their effects can still be significant, especially if the victim has had previous concussions.
  • Contusions: These are bruises or bleeding on the brain, usually caused by a direct impact to the head. Contusions may require surgical removal in some severe cases.
  • Penetrating Injuries: When a foreign object pierces the skull and enters the brain, a penetrating injury occurs. These are severe traumatic brain injuries and can result in significant cognitive impairment or even death.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kansas City

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: The sudden and violent collisions in a car accident can easily cause a traumatic brin injury, especially in a high-speed crash. A Kansas City car accident attorney can help you navigate this complex situation.
  • Falls: Whether from a ladder, down the stairs, or a simple slip and fall injury in Kansas City, these incidents are common causes of traumatic brain injuries, especially among the elderly.
  • Sports Injuries: Contact sports like football and boxing, or any sport that can lead to falls or blows to the head, pose a risk for traumatic brain injuries.
  • Workplace Accidents: Falls, being struck by objects, or getting caught in between equipment are some workplace hazards that can lead to traumatic brain injuries.

Furthermore, the consequences of a traumatic brain injury can extend beyond the immediate medical concerns. The victim can face long-term cognitive, behavioral, and physical impairments. Moreover, the cost of medical care, rehabilitation, and the loss of income can be financially draining for the victim and their family. Therefore, legal recourse is not only about justice but also about finding the right Kansas City traumatic brain injury lawyer to help secure the necessary resources to navigate life after the injury.

The Compensation You Need After a Traumatic Brain Injury

The repercussions of a traumatic brain injury echo far beyond the initial medical turmoil, often morphing into long-term financial strain for both the victim and their family. The road to recovery after a traumatic brain injury is not only arduous but comes with a hefty price tag. As your Kansas City traumatic brain injury attorneys, our mission is to alleviate this financial burden and secure the compensation that mirrors the gravity of your ordeal.

Medical Expenses

  • Immediate Care: The initial medical care post-traumatic brain injury is critical and expensive. This includes emergency room visits, surgical interventions, and hospital stays.
  • Ongoing Treatment: Traumatic brain injuries often necessitate a prolonged treatment plan, encompassing medications, physical therapy, and regular check-ups with specialists.
  • Future Medical Needs: Predicting the long-term medical care for traumatic brain injury victims is challenging. Future surgeries, medications, and therapies can accrue substantial costs over time.

Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

  • Temporary Loss of Income: The recovery period after a traumatic brain injury in Kansas City might sideline you from work, leading to lost wages.
  • Permanent Loss of Earning Capacity: In severe cases, a Kansas City traumatic brain injury can impair your ability to return to your previous occupation or any occupation, truncating your earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

Non-economic damages like pain, suffering, and emotional distress are difficult to quantify, yet they form a significant part of the compensation claim. The physical pain and emotional turmoil endured after a TBI deserve acknowledgment and compensation.

Future Care and Rehabilitation Costs

  • Rehabilitation: Traumatic brain injuries often require extensive rehabilitation, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy.
  • Assistive Devices and Home Modifications: Adapting to life after a traumatic brain injury may require assistive devices or home modifications to accommodate mobility challenges.

Life Care Costs

A traumatic brain injury might necessitate long-term or even lifetime care, demanding a financial reservoir for covering these life care costs.

Loss of Consortium

The strain a traumatic brain injury can put on familial relationships is immeasurable, yet compensable. Loss of consortium compensates for the loss of companionship and support suffered by the family.

This exhaustive rundown of potential compensation illustrates the full spectrum of the financial implications a traumatic brain injury can cause. It is not merely about recouping the immediate medical costs but ensuring a financial cushion to navigate the lifelong repercussions of traumatic brain injuries. Our goal is to meticulously craft your claim, encapsulating all these elements to secure compensation that resonates with the actual and future costs of the TBI, along with the pain you have endured.

The Role of a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Navigating the legal process after a TBI demands an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney in Kansas City. A traumatic brain injury attorney’s role in a TBI case is twofold:

  1. Knowledge and Experience: To demystify the legal complexities you must navigate to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve; and
  2. Representation and Advocacy: To champion your rights, holding the negligent parties accountable for their actions.

As such, a Kansas City traumatic brain injury attorney’s role is not just about legal representation; it is about standing beside you, fighting for your rights, and striving for a closure that brings with it financial relief and justice.

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  • Our Proven Track Record: Our competency is mirrored in the over $1 billion we have recovered for our past clients, a testament to our relentless pursuit of justice.
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Our Approach to TBI Cases

Our first step is offering a free consultation, creating a no-risk platform for you to share your story. From there, we delve into a thorough case evaluation to unearth all possible avenues of liability. This collaborative process will also see us working hand in hand with medical experts, gathering compelling evidence to substantiate your claim for compensation.

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