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A spinal injury can not only be physically debilitating but emotionally draining for both the victim and their family. Our skilled Kansas City spinal injury lawyers are committed to being the voice for victims and guiding them through the legal process to secure the rightful compensation they deserve.

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Understanding Spinal Injuries

A spinal injury can have grave and far-reaching health consequences, often leading to hefty medical bills, loss of employment, and a significant alteration in the quality of one’s life. Common Causes of Spinal Injuries include:

  1. Traffic Accidents: High-speed car accident collisions often result in severe spinal injuries. Contact an experienced Kansas City car accident attorney if you were involved in a catastrophic accident.
  2. Slips and Falls: Especially common among the elderly, these slip and fall accidents can cause significant spinal damage. Speak with a Kansas City slip and fall lawyer for legal guidance.
  3. Violent Assaults: Physical violence can lead to spinal injuries, especially if the victim is hit on the back or neck.
  4. Medical Malpractice: Instances of medical negligence can result in spinal injuries.
  5. Falling Objects: Construction accident injuries are prone to accidents where falling objects can cause severe spinal damage.

Compensation for Victims and Their Families

A spinal injury can wreak havoc on the financial stability and emotional well-being of the victim and their family. The extensive medical care required, coupled with rehabilitation and other associated costs, can quickly escalate, causing a financial strain.

Moreover, the loss of income due to the inability to work exacerbates the financial distress. It is, therefore, extremely important that victims and their families receive adequate compensation to cover these costs and to secure a stable future. An experienced Kansas City spinal cord injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

As such, the scope of compensation available in spinal injury cases is broad and encompasses several categories:

  • Medical Expenses: This is often the most substantial part of the compensation and covers past, present, and future medical bills associated with the spinal injury. This can include costs for emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medication, medical equipment like wheelchairs, and any required ongoing treatment or therapy.
  • Lost Wages and Loss of Earning Capacity: Victims may be entitled to compensation for the income lost from the time of injury onward. Additionally, if the spinal injury impedes the victim’s ability to earn a similar income in the future, compensation for loss of earning capacity may be pursued.
  • Pain and Suffering: The physical pain and emotional distress endured by a spinal injury victim can be immeasurable. While it is challenging to put a monetary value on these aspects, they are a crucial part of the compensation package.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: A spinal injury can rob an individual of the ability to enjoy the daily activities and hobbies they once cherished. Compensation aims to provide some restitution for this loss.
  • Home Modifications and Assistive Devices: The severity of a spinal injury may necessitate home modifications like ramps, stair lifts, or specialized vehicles for transportation. These modifications and assistive devices are essential for improving the victim’s quality of life and are included in the compensation claim.
  • Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation: Some victims may require long-term care or extensive rehabilitation to regain some level of normalcy in their lives. The costs associated with such care are compensable.
  • Loss of Consortium: A spinal injury can also affect relationships within a family. Compensation for loss of consortium addresses the negative impact on the relationship between spouses or between parents and children.

Our dedicated Kansas City spinal injury lawyers will meticulously evaluate every aspect of your case to ensure all damages are accurately accounted for in your compensation claim. We aim to secure a comprehensive compensation package that addresses the multidimensional impact your spinal injury had on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

What Can a Spinal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

A skilled spinal cord injury lawyer in Kansas City can be instrumental in building a strong case for compensation after a spinal injury incident. A good spinal cord injury attorney in Kansas City will thoroughly investigate the cause of your injury, identify the liable parties, and prepare a compelling case for compensation. From negotiating with liable insurance companies to representing you in court, an experienced spinal injury lawyer can be an indispensable partner in your quest for justice.

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