Rachel Talks Elder Abuse on KCTV

Rachel Stahle appeared on the Kansas City airwaves again. This time on KCTV-5 discussing an elder abuse incident at a local home that was caught on tape.

The victim’s family members were concerned about the care their loved one was receiving. They installed a camera inside their loved ones’ room, and what they found was shocking.

In one instance, the 71-year-old victim fell out of bed and was trapped in between the wall and the bed with his mattress on top of him. He yelled for help. Once staff entered they did not immediately help him, but instead spewed expletives at him for falling.

KCTV-5 asked Rachel what family members can do to stop and/or spot abuse. She shared the following:

“Make sure that they are in a place that is close enough that you can visit regularly,” she said. “The people who have regular visitors tend to get better care because these staff members know that someone is checking up on them, someone is going to notice.”

“If it is possible, give your loved one an iPhone or other device where you can have a Facetime or other call so you can lay eyes on them.”

If you suspect your loved one has been abused, please give us a call, and visit our Nursing Home page for state and local resources.