What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Missouri?

What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Missouri?Missouri is home to diverse landscapes, bustling cities, and scenic routes that attract visitors and residents alike. However, hidden dangers are present on some of the state’s most notorious roads. These highways have earned a reputation for being the most treacherous in Missouri, with a history of serious accidents and devastating fatalities that have affected thousands of lives.

Highway 21

Highway 21, a north-south non-interstate highway, stretches from Affton, Missouri to the Arkansas state line. Despite its relatively short length of 188 miles, this road has gained notoriety as one of the deadliest in Missouri.

The most infamous section of Highway 21 is known as Blood Alley, a 28-mile stretch that begins just past the Meramec River and the St. Louis County line and ends in De Soto. This area has a tragically high fatality rate and has claimed many lives over the years.

Highway 63

US Route 63, or Highway 63, is a non-interstate highway that spans six states, including the entirety of Missouri. The route bisects the state from north to south, serving as a vital transportation artery.

However, the convenience and connectivity that Highway 63 provides come at a cost, as accidents and fatalities have become all too common along this stretch of road. In 2019, the highway was named the deadliest road in Missouri due to the 158 crashes and 179 fatalities that had occurred over a 10-year span.

Interstate 70

Interstate 70 (I-70) is one of the longest and most important highways in the interstate network, spanning 2,151 miles across 10 states. The Missouri section of I-70 is approximately 250 miles long, crossing the state from Kansas City to St. Louis.

These two major cities are where most of the accidents and fatalities occur on the Missouri portion of I-70. The interstate frequently ranks as one of the deadliest highways with some of the most fatalities in the United States.

Highway 71

US Route 71, or Highway 71, is a 1,500-mile non-interstate highway that traverses the entire contiguous United States from Minnesota to Louisiana. The Missouri section of Highway 71 is one of the longest, spanning nearly 377 miles and passing through Kansas City. This highway has seen many devastating accidents; a 7.8-mile stretch located in south Kansas City saw 8 crashes and 9 fatalities in a single year.

Seek Justice After an Accident in Missouri

When you or a loved one has been involved in an accident on one of Missouri’s most dangerous roads, the aftermath can be overwhelming. The physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial burden can leave you feeling helpless and unsure of where to turn. It’s important to remember that you have the right to take action, and a car accident attorney in Kansas City can support your journey toward recovery and justice.

In Missouri, victims of car accidents can file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the person who caused the collision. These claims allow them to recover compensation to help pay for damages such as medical care, lost wages, and property damage. An attorney can help you navigate the process, advocating aggressively for a fair settlement.

After your accident, stay calm, seek medical care, and report the accident to the police. Then, contact a Kansas City injury attorney to discuss your next steps. Schedule a free consultation today.