Firm Helps Bresette Family Find Closure

February 24, 2015

The Bresette family was returning from a spring break vacation March 22, 2013, when a flight display unit fell on members of the family at the recently renovated Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. One child, Luke Bresette, was killed and there were serious injuries to the mother, Heather, and other members of the family.

The family hired Tim Dollar to help determine the truth and assign responsibility in the tragedy in which Luke lost his life. On September 4, the Bresette family reached a settlement agreement with those involved.

During a press conference following the settlement hearing, Luke’s father, Ryan Bresette, spoke about how his family’s strong faith has allowed them to survive the aftermath of March 22, 2013. He said, “While our faith teaches us the importance of personal accountability, it also teaches us about the need for forgiveness. Luke also believed in forgiveness – asking for forgiveness and forgiving others. The individuals who make up the companies involved here are good and decent people who never intended this result. Nevertheless, mistakes were made and there has now been accountability and repentance. Our family in return extends forgiveness.”

KMBC, Kansas City’s ABC affiliate, and WIAT, Birmingham’s CBS affiliate, were both granted exclusive interviews with the family to help them tell their story. To watch the story, click here – KMBC.