What Are Some Common Tactics That Insurance Companies Use to Devalue Claims?

What Are Some Common Tactics That Insurance Companies Use to Devalue Claims?

Dealing with insurance companies is one of the most common challenges you will encounter after a car accident, and this process can be fraught with risks. These entities may employ a range of tactics to limit the amount of compensation that they have to pay and, in turn, protect their bottom line. To protect yourself against these common strategies, it is essential to work with a injury attorney in Kansas City who can advocate for your rights.

#1: Asking for a Recorded Statement Soon After the Accident

Insurance companies often request recorded statements immediately following an accident. This strategy aims to capture details when your memory may be compromised by the stress or shock of the incident. Anything said in this state can be used to devalue your claim and minimize the company’s payout, even if your recollection of the events changes as you recover and reflect on what happened.

#2: Requesting Total Access to Your Medical Records

Insurers may ask for broad access to your medical history so that they can understand your injuries. However, this is often a tactic to find pre-existing conditions or unrelated health issues they can cite to argue that your current medical needs are not solely the result of the accident. To protect your rights, only provide access to the specific records related to the accident, not your entire medical history.

#3: Disputing Whether Your Medical Costs Are Truly Necessary

Insurance adjusters are not medical professionals, yet they may question the recommendations of your doctors in an attempt to reduce the amount they must pay. They may scrutinize your doctor’s orders and treatment plans, suggest alternatives that cost less, or deny coverage for care on the grounds that it is experimental or not universally accepted.

#4: Using Certain Tactics to Delay Your Insurance Claim

Insurance companies may delay processing your claim to pressure you into settling for less. The longer an insurance company can stretch out the claim process, the more desperate you might become for any compensation, especially if medical bills and living expenses are accumulating.

#5: Offering a Low Settlement Early in Your Case

An early settlement offer can be tempting, especially when financial pressures mount. These initial offers are typically much lower than what you may be entitled to and can preclude you from seeking further compensation, even if your condition worsens. This can lead to significant financial hardship in the future.

#6: Arguing That You Are the One Responsible for the Accident

In efforts to minimize their payout, insurance companies might assert that you are to blame for the accident. By establishing your liability, even partially, they can significantly reduce the compensation owed. This might include interpreting Kansas City traffic laws in their favor, questioning witness accounts, or using any statements you made at the scene or to their adjusters against you.

Defend Your Rights with a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer

When confronting these and other tactics used by insurance companies, you need to have an advocate in your corner. A Kansas City car accident lawyer can offer the necessary guidance and support to navigate these negotiations. With professional legal representation, you can assert your rights and build a stronger case for fair compensation.

If you find yourself going up against an insurance company after an accident, remember that you do not have to face this alone. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible and begin defending your best interests today.