Solutions For Underride Crashes

Underride crashes kill more than 200 people in America each year.

What is an Underride Crash? 

An underride crash occurs when a civilian vehicle crashes into a semi-truck and gets lodged in the space underneath the trailer. The results are often catastrophic, gruesome and deadly.

How Can We Prevent Underride Crashes? 

The United States Department of Transportation requires tractor-trailers to be equipped with rear guards to prevent underride crashes. Yet, despite overwhelming evidence, government agency recommendations and public outcry, the National Highway Truck Safety Committee (NHTSA) refuses to mandate side guards on tractor-trailers.

Why Doesn’t The Government Require Side Guards? 

The NHTSA has the authority to mandate side guards, but has failed to do so for years. Heavy lobbying from the trucking industry has contributed to the agency’s lack of action. More than nine million dollars poured in to government agencies last year to prevent laws that would increase the cost of building and operating trucks.

For more details on underride crashes, side guards and the government agencies responsible for maintaining safety on the roads, read this recent NBC News report and watch the video.