Rachel Talks COVID on National & Local News

Attorney Rachel Stahle has been interviewed by numerous national and local media outlets about legislation that would limit families abilities to bring litigation against nursing homes who failed to protect its residents from contracting COVID.

Rachel was interviewed by and quoted in the following stories:

Throughout the articles, Rachel discusses how the protection given by civil immunity laws passed by numerous states during the COVID pandemic limits families abilities to hold nursing homes accountable for negligence and abuse.

To put this into perspective, eight percent or 1 in 12 residents in long-term care facilities died from COVID. While many homes tried to prevent the spread of COVID, they were several more who knowingly let employees work who were sick. This action resulted in countless deaths that could have and should have been avoided.

What is more concerning is that in some states, such as Missouri, a bill (Senate Bill 51) would make it where nursing homes could not be sued for medical malpractice or other medical claims for the next four years. This would allow underperforming and negligent nursing homes to operate without fear of being questioned or held accountable. Ultimately resulting in worse treatment for its residents.