Rachel Stahle Talks COVID on Fox 4

Attorney Rachel Stahle was interviewed by Fox 4 for a segment about how to properly care for your loved ones who are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Across the country, families and friends are currently prohibited from visiting loved ones in nursing homes to ensure this contagious virus does not impact some of our most vulnerable citizens. This ban is smart for the overall health of our community.

Therefore, people are having to get more creative in order to stay in touched with their loved ones. During the segment, Rachel shares the following tips for staying in touch and update to with what is happening with your family member of friend:

  • Daily contact via telephone or video chat.
  • Identify the charge nurse who is on duty each day and could give you an update on your loved one.
  • Forge bonds with the family members of other nursing home residents. It’s possible you will learn more about your loved one through them. Your loved one might not tell you everything that is happening to keep you from working.
  • Stay vigilant.

Here is the link to the follow article on FOX 4. Also, if you or your loved one suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, give our nursing home practice group, a call. Rachel and Jill are here to help.