Rachel Quoted in KC Star In-depth COVID story

Attorney Rachel Stahle was tapped once again by local media, this time The Kansas City Star, for an in-depth piece on the failures of Brighton Garden, a senior living facility in Prairie Village, Kansas, in addressing the spread of coronavirus. Their failure to properly protect their staff and residents has thus far lead to 83 COVID positive cases and 17 deaths.

This fantastic piece written by Laura Bauer dives into the many warnings health officials, employees and families voiced about the home’s handling of the outbreak. At one point the Johnson County, Kansas Health Department was so worried about the information it was receiving from Brighton Gardens, it asked first responders to report back on what they were seeing when they went into the home.

The gross mismanagement of this crisis should not have occurred, and those lives should not have been lost. One such man was Gordon Grohman, a wonderful man, husband and father. He was showing symptoms of COVID-19 for days including not eating due to the lack of taste. At his family’s insistence he was taken to the hospital on April 29 and diagnosed with COVID on April 30. He died the following day.

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