Dollar’s COVID Fraud Case in Daily Beast

Tim Dollar is representing Missouri resident, Ronnie Karin, in his lawsuit against Jim Bakker for common law fraud, unjust enrichment and violating consumer protection laws for selling a bogus coronavirus cure. This story as well as another suit by the Missouri Attorney General was featured on The Daily Beast.

Televangelist Jim Bakker has been selling or asking for donations of $80-$125 in exchange for Silver Solution, a product he falsely claims will cure coronavirus, HIV, SARS and other illnesses. Bakker has been selling this product via his TV show and brand channels.

Karin had been taking Silver Solution from December 2019-March 2020. He felt he was okay taking the product because it was clinically tested and all natural. Neither of which are correct.

Dollar is quoted in the story, saying “You have a situation where a product is already on the market and you seem to pivot its use to whatever the fear is, regardless of the scientific evidence.”

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