DBB in FOX segment on COVID & Nursing Homes

WDAF Fox-4 recently did a fantastic in-depth piece on how the coronavirus has brought to life inadequacies in long-term care facilities and nursing homes. The segment including our attorney, Rachel Stahle, as well as numerous other healthcare and nursing home experts, dive into how some of these homes have long provided subpar care, and how state governments have failed to hold them accountable for said care.

The coronavirus has brought these failures directly into the spotlight. With a large portion of COVID related deaths being in said homes, including 1 in 5 in Kansas, it is hard to ignore that now it is time for institutional and government reform for how long-term care facilities are managed.

The segment also featured our client, the Long family. Their father, Okey, was a resident of Riverbend Acute Rehabilitation Center, the epicenter of the Kansas outbreak. Okey was a wonderful father, hard worker and kind man that was taken from us far too soon. His death, along with too many others, could have been prevented if proper care and protection was provided during this unprecedented time.