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When the unthinkable happens, insurance is one of those things you simply want to work. After years of paying premiums, you expect your insurance company to protect and defend you in the case of an emergency or accident. Unfortunately, many of these companies are more worried about their bottom line than the people they insure.

We have all heard horror stories about people fighting with their insurance company for months, sometimes even years, about medical bills, property damages, etc. Our bad faith attorneys understand the anguish and confusion our clients feel when their insurance company does not meet their obligation.

With several thousands of bad faith cases under our belts, our attorneys at Dollar, Burns & Becker have built a solid reputation as one of the preeminent plaintiff firms for this type of work. We vigorously represent our clients who are victims of bad faith and have reached more than $130 million in settlements for them with both small and large insurance companies.

Understanding Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Our clients are often shocked to learn bad faith insurance lawsuits occur every day. Why are these types of cases prevalent? Insurance companies use statistics to determine how much to pay out for different circumstances such as loved ones dying, a home being destroyed or someone getting injured in the work place.

When one of their customers files a claim, they look at that individual’s coverage and determine statically how to pay you as little as possible while still fulfilling their contractual obligation. This is true no matter what level of coverage you have.

Common examples of bad faith include:

• Denying the insured or their loved ones the terms of their policies.

• Refusing to investigate in a timely manner.

• Settling for less money than deserved.

• Refusing to pay the claim without a reasonable basis.

Delaying the payment of the claim.

For all these reasons, it is imperative to hire a lawyer who specializes in bad faith cases. Insurance companies know our reputation, meaning you and your case will get the respect and attention you deserve.

In Your Corner

Tim Dollar and Tom Hershewe have built a nationwide reputation as the best, thanks to our vigorous representation of victims of negligence. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we fully understand how insurance companies operate as well as how each state differs on the awarding of punitive damages. We use this knowledge to pursue the maximum compensation for our clients and hold insurance companies fully accountable for their injustice.

At Dollar, Burns & Becker we take a leading role with legislative groups to defend victims’ rights. To protect you and others down the road, we also hold insurance companies accountable and successfully require those responsible to end their bad faith practices.

Settlements and Verdicts

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