Nebraska $ 1.275 Million Settlement


On August 9, 2010, Kozlov was operating a tractor trailer on behalf of Albatross Express and Unick LLC. At approximately 1:00 a.m., Kozlov was operating the tractor trailer in Seward County, Nebraska. At this time, Kozlov turned on to I-80 to head westbound. As Kozlov moved from the access road to the highway, Kozlov did not maintain highway speed. Rather, he drove so slow that he was at a virtual stop on the highway. At the same time, Michael E. Scott was driving a tractor trailer and was heading westbound on I-80. Michael E. Scott drove his tractor-trailer into the rear of Kozlov’s tractor-trailer. As a direct and proximate result of this collision, Michael E. Scott died.

Dollar, Burns, Becker & Hershewe sued the truck driver, his employer, and the third party broker that hired the truck company. After two years of litigation, the attorneys reached a settlement for their client against all defendants for $1,275,000.