Missouri Confidential Settlement


A man has settled a personal injury suit against the group home where he resided. Plaintiff was in a developmentally disabled and dependent condition during his residence at the group home.

On October 26, 2015, an employee of the group home drove the Plaintiff to a former employee’s residence. The former employee had been recently terminated from the group home. The former employee had been previously convicted of a felony and multiple misdemeanors, and had multiple protective orders enforced against him at the time of his initial hiring. The employee left the Plaintiff in the home unsupervised with the former employee. The former employee sodomized the Plaintiff.

As a result, the Plaintiff experienced severe physical and emotional harm.

Plaintiff alleged defendant group home did not provide a safe living environment. Plaintiff also alleged defendant group home failed to care for and protect Plaintiff from harm inflicted by former employee.

Plaintiff hired Dollar, Burns, Becker & Hershewe as legal representation in May 2016. Confronted with a thorough case and strong legal opposition, defendant group home was eager to settle in order to avoid litigation.

The parties reached a settlement on March 7, 2017.