Missouri Confidential Settlement


A son has settled a wrongful death suit against the nursing home where his mother passed away.

Plaintiff’s mother complained of congestion and difficulty breathing. Her son requested help from the nursing home staff. The nursing home staff confirmed Plaintiff’s mother had a change in her condition. However, no one notified her physician or provided treatment to her.

Subsequently, Plaintiff’s mother complained of pain after she had been transferred with a Hoyer lift by the nursing home staff. She had not walked in seven years and relied upon the nursing home employees to transfer her. Following X-rays three days later, it was discovered her hip was fractured. The nursing home did not investigate the cause of her hip fracture.

On July 27, 2015, Plaintiff’s mother was taken to the hospital. Plaintiff requested compression mattress to prevent bedsores. Compression mattress was brought a week later. At this point, Plaintiff’s mother suffered from pneumonia, a fractured hip and bedsores.

Plaintiff’s mother passed away 10 days later of pneumonia. Plaintiff alleged defendant nursing home was negligent in failing to treat her change of condition and by allowing her to sustain a hip fracture, leading to her death.

In November 2015 Plaintiff hired Dollar, Burns, Becker & Hershewe as legal representation. Through rigorous deposition it was discovered that the nursing home had made no attempt to investigate the cause of the hip fracture. As a result, the nursing home employees admitted that their conduct fell below the standard of care.

The parties reached a settlement on June 5, 2017.