St. Charles, MO $ 450,000 Verdict


Negligent action was taken against a nursing home where plaintiff developed ulcers. The nursing home failed to monitor and provide treatment to ulcers as physician prescribed.

Adele Bredenbeck was a resident at a Missouri nursing home three months before she developed ulcers on her toes. The Medical Director ordered the nursing staff to treat the ulcers several times a day until they healed. Within three months the ulcers became infected and Ms. Bredenbeck’s leg was amputated.

Ms. Bredenbeck sued the nursing home and Medical Director for negligence following the loss of her leg. Ms. Bredenbeck claimed that the nursing home staff failed to treat the ulcers over 160 times. She further claimed the Medical Director failed to follow up on whether his orders were followed and provide the medical care she required to avoid the amputation.

The nursing home contended that the ulcers were unavoidable and could not be healed because she did not have adequate blood supply to her leg.

Ms. Bredenbeck died prior to recovery in November 2000.