Grand Island, NE $ 9.5 Million Settlement


A rear-end collision involving a ABC truck company and the fatal death of Laura and Jeff Amano on Interstate 80 in Grand Island, Nebraska. The mother of a 21-year-old and a 17-year-old who were killed in a construction zone accident hired our trucking crash lawyers and sued for wrongful death.

On June 30, 2002, the two siblings were stopped in a construction zone on Interstate 80 in Grand Island, Neb., after they were involved in a fender-bender. An 18-wheel tanker truck rear-ended their vehicle. The siblings survived impact but died when the caught fire.

The mother sued the truck driver and his employer in Jackson County since the tanker company was a Missouri company. She claimed the driver was negligent in that, among other things, he ignored warnings of a lane drop in the construction zone.

The parties settled before trial for $9.5 million – $4.75 million for each fatality – and dismissed with prejudice the third-party claim against the sibling who was driving the vehicle.

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