Wyandotte County, KS $ 6 Million Settlement


A six-year-old little boy saw a dentist for a dental examination. The dentist recommended a tooth extraction and other dental work be performed under general anesthesia. At some point during the surgical procedure, Ricky became unresponsive.

Although several doctors and nurses were present in the operating room, and post anesthesia recovery room, none took immediate resuscitative efforts to assist Ricky. A doctor from the PACU unit arrived and determined that Ricky needed resuscitation, oxygen and urgent care. Ricky’s heart had stopped, a Code Blue was called and CPR was initiated.

Ricky’s heart was started and he was intubated, but remained unresponsive. He was transferred to a local children’s hospital where it was determined Ricky had sustained severe, permanent, debilitating brain damage and would require around-the-clock constant medical care for the remainder of his life. Ricky’s parents sued the dentist, the hospital, the anesthesiologist and nurses who were attendant during the procedure for negligence in the quality of care that was delivered to Ricky.