Cass County, Missouri $ 1.550 Million Settlement


A young mother was driving southbound on U.S. Highway 71 with her eight-year-old daughter as a passenger in the back seat. Because of congestion, traffic was slowing and the mother had come to a complete stop on the highway. Defendant driver was also traveling southbound on US Highway 71 while driving a tractor-trailer. Defendant truck driver was traveling between 60-65 mph and violently crashed into the back of the plaintiffs’ vehicle causing it to burst into flames. The mother lost consciousness and had to be pulled from the burning vehicle. The collision caused the trunk and backseat to be pushed up into the front seat, pinning the 8-year-old daughter’s legs. The vehicle continued to burn and several firefighters arrived and bravely struggled to free the little girl before the interior became engulfed in flames. This case was tried in the Circuit Court of Cass County, Missouri.