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Dangerous American Highways

I believe that truck crash victims and their families should be guided to justice by someone who understands their situation and truly cares about the outcome. That is why I got into this profession, and that is what drives me [...]
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Stay Safe by Spotting Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are everywhere. Sometimes we have to give them a friendly horn tap to let them know the light is green. Sometimes we have to be less subtle when they’re swerving into our lane. These incidents can be frustrating, [...]
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Training Truckers

Keeping American drivers safe should be the top priority of anyone who is engaged in the legislation or regulation of American roads. As a truck crash attorney, I have seen tragedy befall far too many innocent families and worked to [...]
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Choose the Right Nursing Home

Choosing the Right Nursing Home

The question I am asked more than any other is, “How do I choose the very best place for my family member or close friend who needs to move out of their home and into a facility that offers assistance?” [...]
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Injury vs. Death After a Truck Crash

When people are injured in truck crashes, they’re often in no position to deal with legal matters. They could be hospitalized, in pain and even disoriented. If someone you know has been hurt in a truck crash, stepping in as [...]
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