Verdicts & Settlements


Wrongful Death Settlement From Falls at Nursing Home

A daughter has settled a wrongful death and survival action against a skilled nursing facility in Missouri for $200,000. Plaintiff’s 96-year-old mother suffered several falls in the 2.5 months that she was a resident of the facility. On March 22, 2016, while in a weakened condition due to illness, her mother suffered another fall. She struck her face, gouging her eye, resulting in removal of her right eye and intracranial bleed with midline shift. 

Plaintiff’s mother passed away ten days later of pneumonia. Plaintiff alleged defendant nursing home was negligent in failing to treat her change of condition and by allowing her to sustain head and eye injuries, leading to her death.

Plaintiff hired Dollar, Burns & Becker to represent her in this case. After engaging in initial discovery, the parties reached a settlement at mediation on December 8, 2017.