We Can Help in Cases of Wrongful Death

At Dollar, Burns & Becker, we provide compassion and vigorous representation to families and friends who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. We not only seek substantial financial compensation for your loss, we also advocate for changes to safety policies and procedures that cause catastrophic injuries.

One of our experienced wrongful death attorneys will work closely with your family to make sure others understand the extent of your loss. We understand no amount of money can reverse the loss, but we believe the proper use of our legal system to achieve accountability, change and monetary compensation can ease a family’s pain and suffering.


There Are Many Causes of Wrongful Death

We have successfully helped numerous clients who have lost family members in many different kinds of wrongful death incidents:

  • Trucking accidents - We are well-known on a national level for our representation in truck crash injuries and fatalities. We receive many referral clients from attorney colleagues who know our capabilities.
  • Medical malpractice - We help clients pursue compensation for loved ones who died due to the negligence of a physician, nurse, or other medical professional. 
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect - The abuse of elderly people is a sad reality in today's nursing home industry. We are strong advocates for elderly nursing home residents and advocate on the state and national levels for change even after we have finished a case. 
  • Car crashes  - Fatal car crashes happen very suddenly and leave family members dealing with an unforeseen tragedy. 
  • Dangerous products - Unreasonably dangerous products, defective products, and inadequate warnings can have deadly consequences resulting in complex litigation.
  • Aviation accidents - Aviation accidents can be caused by defective parts or equipment, and often result in complex litigation to establish the true cause. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to hold the responsible parties accountable.


Contact Us Immediately Toll-Free at 877-816-2600

If a friend or loved one has been a victim of wrongful death, contact us as soon as possible, ideally within 48 hours. We’ll immediately take action to ensure that vital evidence is preserved that can be crucial to your claim. Initial consultations are free and we work solely on a contingency basis.