Client Stories

Virginia Baker

Virginia Baker who was fatally injured in a I-70 truck crash accident in Lafayette County, MO

Virginia was traveling westbound on I-70 in Lafayette County, Mo., when she entered a patch of dense fog. Two tractor-trailers and four other vehicles were either stopped or had been involved in a crash in front of her vehicle. Another tractor-trailer then drove into the clump of vehicles, igniting a horrific fire, which ultimately engulfed Virginia's entire vehicle, injuring her fatally.


With the help of Dollar, Burns & Becker, Virginia's three children, Lisa, Harrison and Truman, brought an action against the three trucking companies and their drivers for the wrongful death of their mother.


Dollar, Burns & Becker reached a favorable confidential recovery agreement with each of the three trucking companies on behalf of the surviving children.


"I very much appreciate the patience that Tim Becker and his staff had with me. I am a very inquisitive person and seemed to have questions about every step. Tim never made me feel my questions were ridiculous or unnecessary. He always answered my questions, eased my mind, and listened sympathetically to my hurt and outrage. Tim is very compassionate and determined. I knew that fairness would surface because Tim was on our side! No amount of money could ever bring our mom back. However, I now know that my son's future can be taken care of and I'm happy that my mom still has a part in her grandson's education because of the caring law office of Dollar, Burns & Becker."

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