Safety Advocates

We Hold Negligent Companies Accountable for
Safety and Policy Changes

We believe our work doesn’t stop at winning substantial awards for victims of catastrophic events due to the negligence of others. That’s why as part of a settlement, we have been very successful at insisting a company make substantive safety or policy changes to prevent future tragedies. Some examples are listed below:


Case 1: A national trucking company with more than 5,500 trucks agrees to implement safety changes and visit the client’s home city to discuss changes made in an effort to reduce similar crashes.

Actual Contents of Settlement Agreement

“Defendant X agrees, within 3 months of the date this Settlement Agreement is fully executed, that at least one Senior Management Representative, together with its Senior Risk Manager, will meet with Client X and his counsel, in or near City/State to discuss what has been done and what is intended to be done by Trucking Company in an effort to reduce the likelihood of the recurrence of a crash such as the Crash.”


Case 2: One of the largest companies in the United States agreed to have an independent safety consultant audit the Company’s procedures and make recommendations about how to make the operations safer and involve management from the top down.

Actual Contents of Settlement Agreement

Within six months, the trucking company must hire an independent safety consultant to make recommendations on a Driver Assessment Program for Truck Company's existing drivers and make recommendations on how to make safety part of every driver's job.

The Company must hire an independent safety consultant to make recommendations regarding a management statement on safety.

If Plaintiff’s lawyers affirmatively submit this settlement to any magazine or newspaper, they will change the name of the trucking company in such submission.


Case 3: Trucking company with non-existent safety program and inexperienced drivers involved in 2011 collision which killed three Missourians agrees to stricter Driver Qualification Standards.

Actual Contents of Settlement Agreement

This Settlement Agreement also requires that Defendant Trucking Company comply with the following conditions:  Defendant will not hire any commercial drivers who have less than three (3) years of CDL experience.  Defendant will individually review and disqualify for employment any commercial drivers who have been convicted of

(1) driving with a suspended or revoked license;

(2) driving without a CDL; or,

(3) driving with any alcohol related offense involving a vehicle. 

Defendant will purchase Log Checker software from vendor, which will allow the trucking company to audit log records in real-time, utilize built in regulatory content, develop a driver grading system, improve falsification identification, and to perform extensive criminal background checks on all potential and existing drivers on county, state, and federal level.  

Defendant Eastland will hire Safety Agency to revamp its entire safety program and implement changes regarding vehicle maintenance, hours of service requirements, and safety meetings.   


Case 4: Truck driver who failed to control his truck permanently surrendered his Commercial Driver’s License and agrees to assist the parties in pursuit of the remaining wrongdoers in the case.

Actual Contents of Settlement Agreement

Truck Driver agrees to permanently surrender his Class A Commercial Driver’s License.  In the event that Claimants elect to pursue any claims against any other tortfeasor(s), driver will cooperate and voluntarily provide testimony and requested evidence.


Case 5: Trucking Company whose driver caused a crash in a work zone in State agrees to retain an independent Safety Consultant to review the company’s policies regarding monitoring its drivers’ qualifications.

Actual Contents of Settlement Agreement

Releasors agree that within six months from the date that this release is finalized, they will retain an independent safety consultant to review its policies for monitoring driver qualifications, and will, through counsel, certify to the Releasors, through counsel, that the same has been done.

Jeff Burns advocates for safer highways.