Jackknife and Rollover Truck Crashes

Most people have heard the term jackknifing as applied to trucks and trailers. You may even have seen this happen. Suddenly an 18-wheeler swerves, swinging the trailer to the side. A driver tries to steer out of the way, but the out-of-control trailer slams into the car. This is called jackknifing, and the results are often catastrophic, or even deadly.

Or, a truck's brakes fail and suddenly a semi flips over. A following driver slams on the brakes, but it’s too late and his car crashes into the overturned truck at a high speed. At the least, serious injuries are likely to result.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? At Dollar, Burns & Becker, L.C., we are staunch advocates for truck crash victims across the United States. Whether caused by a jackknife, rollover or other causes, we vigorously pursue compensation and accountability.


Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Jackknife and rollover accident cases are rarely true accidents. Typically, some form of negligence on behalf of the driver, the trucking company, or a part manufacturer contributed to the catastrophic injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Dollar, Burns & Becker has represented thousands of truck crash victims all over the nation. We are highly skilled at identifying the cause of the crash and holding negligent parties accountable.


Victims' Rights Advocates

Our firm goes beyond pursuing financial damages for injured victims. We demand that defendants increase or initiate safety practices and other standards to avoid truck crashes in the future.


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It’s important to contact us immediately if you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck crash. Investigating crime scenes and preserving evidence needs to be done as quickly as possible. We can often be on a plane the day after you contact us.