Faulty Maintenance Often Cause of Truck Crashes

A common cause of truck crashes is faulty maintenance. Both the driver and truck company are required to perform routine maintenance in order to check for faulty parts and potential hazards. Failure to do so can result in serious, and sometimes fatal, truck crashes. When breakdowns occur or equipment fails on the road, drivers are often told not to fix it until they return to their base.

Some truck companies will opt to take a risk and forego standard maintenance on their fleet. They fail to consider that poor maintenance does not just add wear and tear to the tractor-trailer; it can potentially affect the health and lives of people on the road. Poorly maintained trucks can lead to brake failure, detached trailers, tire blowouts, steering problems and other safety hazards.

As a leading truck crash law firm, we know what evidence to look for in order to identify the cause of the truck accident and file a successful claim against the party at fault. Part of our investigation includes reviewing maintenance logs and other evidence we can use to place liability on the trucker or trucking company. These logs can tell us if proper maintenance was performed, and on a regular basis. We may learn that the truck company adhered to all safety precautions, in which case a manufacturer of a defective part may be at fault.


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Dollar, Burns & Becker, L.C. has the knowledge and the experience to hold drivers and truck companies accountable for their negligence. We also pursue claims against manufacturers if a defective product led to the accident.

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