Client Stories

Susan Slattery & Sons, Peter & Matthew

On their way home to Maryland from a family reunion, Susan Slattery and her sons were involved in a multivehicle truck crash on the Ohio Turnpike.


The family was notified of Susan’s death and quickly gathered to support Peter and Matthew as they began treatment for life-altering injuries at Akron Children’s Hospital.


Matthew's injuries caused increased pressure on his brain and emergency neurosurgery was performed.


Even with the support of family and friends, the extent of Matthew’s injuries created a stark new reality for the family.


Susan Slattery's close family, friends and colleagues remember the strong, loving woman taken from them in the truck crash.


Peter Slattery's injuries, while less severe than his brother's, have limited his abilities and taken an emotional toll.


Ed Slattery's world has completely changed, adjusting to his sons' conditions and life without Susan.