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Susan Slattery & Sons, Peter & Matthew

On a beautiful, sunny day, Aug. 16, 2010, Susan Slattery and her two sons, Peter and Matthew, were returning from a family reunion in Ohio to their home in Baltimore, Md. on the Ohio Turnpike. When Mrs. Slattery slowed for a construction zone where traffic was reduced to one lane, a semitruck owned by Estes Express Lines, pulling three fully-loaded trailers, smashed into the back of the Slattery car at high speed, pushing it into the tractor-trailer in front of her. The driver, who had fallen asleep, caused fatal injuries to Mrs. Slattery and severely injured her two children. Matthew, 12, suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma. Peter, 15, sustained multiple fractures, including multiple facial fractures.


With the help of Dollar, Burns & Becker, the plaintiffs brought suit against the defendant driver and the trucking company, alleging negligence that caused the death of Susan Slattery and catastrophic injuries to her two sons.


The defendants denied the allegations and disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiffs’ injuries and damages. The parties engaged in extensive informal discovery and participated in two mediation sessions before agreeing to a settlement of all the plaintiffs’ claims for the total sum of $40,800,000. No amount of money will take the place of Mrs. Slattery. While Peter will make a full recovery, Matthew is confined to an electric wheelchair and suffers from aphasia and speech impairment. He suffers from severe learning disabilities due to the brain injury and will require around-the-clock care for the rest of his life.

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