Client Stories

Shelly and Kiara

Shelley and Kiara, who were truck crash victims on U.S. Highway 71

Shelly was driving her 2003 Honda Pilot on U.S. Highway 71 with her 8-year-old daughter Kiara as a passenger in the back seat. Because of congestion, traffic was slowing and Shelly had come to a complete stop on the highway. Shortly thereafter, a distracted trucker crashed his tractor-trailer directly into the back of Shelly's vehicle. Witnesses indicated that while other traffic was slowing, the driver of the tractor-trailer continued to travel between 60-65 mph. One witness stated that "he didn't even try to slow down." The tractor-trailer rear-ended Shelly's vehicle at full speed and her vehicle burst into flames. Shelly lost consciousness and had to be pulled from the burning vehicle by witnesses at the scene. However, the collision caused the trunk and backseat to be pushed up into the front seat, pinning Kiara's legs. The vehicle continued to burn and several firefighters arrived and bravely struggled to free Kiara before the interior became engulfed in flames. As flames rolled into what remained of the passenger compartment, fire fighters were finally able to free Kiara's shattered leg and pull her from the vehicle.


With the help of the attorneys at Dollar, Burns & Becker, Shelly and her husband Carl filed suit against the trucking company and its driver for the personal injuries sustained by Shelly and Kiara.


A substantial financial recovery agreement was reached with the trucking company on behalf of Shelly and Kiara.


"I want to thank you for all of your hard work, your efficiency, your dedication and your care and kindness to our family. I am so thankful for you and your team and know that we are blessed to have you working for us. I am just amazed at how quickly this case has been resolved, and even more amazed by the amount of money we are being awarded … I am in awe."


"Thank you for all you have done for me as I have matured. Your selflessness and generousity has not gone unnoticed." 

- from a letter sent in October 2018

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