Roadway Deaths Increasing in Missouri

Roadway deaths from tractor-trailer collisions continue to be a problem nationwide and in Missouri. According a CBS news report, the number of roadway fatalities has increased by 21 percent from last year. A new study also reports that the number of fatalities from collisions in Missouri specifically involving tractor trailers also increased from 2010 to 2011. In 2010, the Missouri Highway Patrol reported that 105 people died from collisions involving tractor-trailers, but that number increased to 120 people in 2011. That number also does not include people who have been severely injured in tractor-trailer collisions.


Distracted Driving a Major Contributor

Records of recent accident reports reveal that distracted driving is a major cause for the increase in roadway fatalities. Experts define distracted driving as anything that takes away the driver's ability to pay full attention to the road. Examples of distracted driving include talking on a cell phone, texting, changing radio stations and talking to other people in the vehicle. These actions can cause a driver to veer off the road or into another lane.

In many accidents, the police's accident report will establish that the vehicle travelled off the side of the roadway or crossed the center line. Many times, however, the police's accident report will not explain why the vehicle travelled out of its lane of traffic. A Missouri Highway Patrol Captain says, however, that many times the real explanation is that the driver became distracted.


Horrific Collisions Require Experienced Attorneys

Trucking collisions are often traumatic experiences with extremely serious consequences. Where deaths or serious injuries have resulted from a truck crash, victims and families can benefit from an experienced personal injury attorney. Our attorneys provide compassion, guidance, knowledge and assistance in obtaining any available compensation and holding drivers and trucking companies accountable.