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The last time you saw your loved one they appeared to be fine. One day you get a call from the nursing home or care facility that your loved one has suddenly died, apparently of no particular cause. That’s when we get suspicious, and you should, too.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Was the death unexpected?
  • Was the death sudden?
  • Was the death unexplained or vaguely explained?
  • Is the nursing home staff giving you inconsistent stories?
  • What do the nurses' notes say? Family members are entitled to look at these notes.

We Pursue Wrongful or Suspicious Deaths in Nursing Homes.

Every complaint and citation regarding a nursing home is a matter of public record. However, nursing home staff often cover up the actual cause of death, fail to report it, and lie to family members about what happened. Our experienced attorneys at Dollar, Burns & Becker know who to talk to, where to look for answers and who to hold responsible. Often it’s not the facility as much as its management or ownership that is to blame. We’ll work closely with your family with sympathy and compassion as we vigorously pursue compensation for the untimely death of your loved one.

In addition to the effective and aggressive representation we provide, we also act as advocates for fatally or seriously injured residents and pursue active measures to make fundamental safety changes to the nursing home care system. We strive to stop nursing homes from falsifying records, understaffing their facilities and ultimately contributing to a lack of the respect and dignity that our elderly population deserves.


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It’s important to contact us immediately if you or a loved one has been the victim of negligence or abuse in a nursing home. Initial consultations are free of charge and all of our work is done on a contingency basis. You should also call the Elder Abuse Hotline through the Department of Health and Senior Services at 1-800-392-0210.