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Falls are one of the biggest health threats to nursing home residents. That’s why prevention should be a key component of all nursing home facilities. More than 70 percent of nursing home residents who break bones in a fall suffer a rapid decline after the fall.

Was Your Loved One Injured in a Nursing Home Fall?

The nursing home lawyers at Dollar, Burns & Becker know what to look for to make sure negligence didn’t cause an injury due to a fall. Our lawyers have the experience of handling cases against nursing homes and know who to talk to, where to look for answers and who to hold responsible. Often it’s not only the nursing home facility, but also its management and/or ownership that’s to blame. We’ll work closely with your family with sympathy and compassion as we vigorously look for answers and compensation if the circumstances call for it.

As advocates for the prevention of elder abuse and negligence in nursing homes, we are persistent in our pursuit of active measures to make fundamental changes to the nursing home care system. We strive to stop nursing homes from falsifying records, understaffing their facilities, and ultimately contributing to a lack of the respect and dignity that our elderly population deserves.

To learn how we can help, contact us immediately if there are suspicious circumstances. We offer free consultations and attorneys' fees on contingency.

Anyone who suspects abuse or neglect should call the Elder Abuse Hotline through the Department of Health and Senior Services at 1-800-392-0210.


Failure to Monitor Nursing Home Residents

People who are in nursing homes are there because they’re simply unable to take care of themselves. Nursing home residents are vulnerable to falls and should be monitored and treated to prevent falls. However, nursing home residents are often neglected, left to fall out of bed or while walking unassisted. Once the fall occurs, residents often take a drastic turn for the worse. Some of the complications they suffer include infections and pneumonia. The initial traumatic event of a fall can be the beginning of a large cumulative error that can result in a fatality.


Nursing Home Fall Prevention

Nursing home directors, supervisors, physical therapists, RNs, and other caregivers need to assess each patient properly. If a fall occurs, it should be documented and the physician and family members should be notified. A comprehensive assessment to determine why the resident suffered the fall must be completed and appropriate interventions implemented to protect the resident from future falls. For instance, proper railings on beds, along hallways, and in bathrooms should be used and can help to prevent falls. Floors should be uncluttered to reduce the likelihood of trips and stumbles. Staff should respond immediately to call lights. Often residents try to get out of bed on their own after waiting an inordinate amount of time for help. Monitoring devices such as alarms may be appropriate along with an assistive lap buddy or seat belt. These relatively small precautions and steps can and should be taken to ensure our elderly folks are taken care of.

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