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Noah Leake

Eighteen-year-old Noah Leake was driving on I-70 at the Benton Curve in Kansas City, Mo. on his way to work at the family business. The driver of a tractor-trailer owned and operated by Gainey Transportation Services, Inc. drove too fast around the curve and lost control of his truck. The fully loaded trailer landed squarely on top of Noah's car. Noah was pinned underneath the trailer and a fire erupted. Noah may have survived his injuries but instead died of smoke inhalation. It was later learned that the truck driver had no fewer than 10 prior speeding convictions.


With the help of Dollar, Burns & Becker, Noah Leake's parents, Anthony and Michelle Leake, sued Gainey Transportation Services, Inc. and its driver for causing the death of their son.


A favorable financial recovery was reached with the trucking company. Noah was the second of 10 children born to Anthony and Michelle Leake and no amount of money can bring their son back. However, Tony and Michelle have found comfort in knowing they now have the financial security to provide for their family's future needs. In addition, as part of the recovery agreement, Gainey Transportation agreed to revise its company policy requiring biannual checks of its drivers’ motor vehicle records.


"We experienced every parent's worst fear – the death of a child. Our faith sustained us, helping us deal with the devastating loss of our son. Our attorneys guided us through the legal process, so that we could focus on healing. But we wanted justice for our son, and our attorneys helped us to achieve that goal."

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