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Decisions that greatly impact the lives of patients are made every day in doctors' offices, hospital rooms, emergency rooms and operating rooms. Dollar, Burns & Becker represents people who die or suffer catastrophic injuries and illnesses as a result of the negligent actions of doctors, nurses and/or other medical professionals.

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Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence and
Misconduct at Nursing Homes

Physicians, hospitals, and other individuals and entities in our health care system are required to comply with a strict standard of care. When poor decisions or misconduct result in unnecessary and catastrophic injuries and illness to patients, the results can be devastating. As experienced trial attorneys, we diligently pursue compensation for injuries. We represent people who have been misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late to receive proper treatment. We represent people who have suffered brain damage, amputation of incorrect limbs, and paralysis. We understand the impact these mistakes have on individuals and families and work accordingly to obtain proper compensation.


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If someone you love has died or suffered catastrophic injuries through the negligent actions of a doctor, nurse, surgical tech, anesthesiologist or other medical professionals, we can help. We provide compassionate representation as we pursue compensation for the wrongful death or injuries of your spouse, parent, child or friend. We offer free consultations and all of our work is done on a contingency basis.

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