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Luke Hausmann

Luke Hausmann died in a truck crash accident on I-35 in Texas involving a United Truck Lines semi-truck.

On Jan. 8, 2008, Luke Hausmann, 23, and his siblings, Ethan, Anna and Julia, were driving northbound on I-35 in Texas, on their way home to Atchison, Kan. after a family vacation. Two rear tires from a southbound tractor-trailer broke free, traveled across the highway and struck Luke's vehicle in the driver's windshield, pulling the roof away from the car. Luke was killed instantly. Ethan, Anna and Julia suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Dollar, Burns & Becker later determined that the trucking company had been cited on numerous occasions for violations of regulations relating to equipment failure and maintenance in the two years preceding the incident. 

Luke would have described himself as an ordinary young man. His family and friends knew he was anything but ordinary. During his short lifetime, Luke dedicated himself to the service of God and to helping those in need. Luke also had a tremendous curiosity about the world around him. Those two interests were combined when he began going on mission trips. The first trip took him to Russia at the age of 16.
By the time he was 23, he had also traveled to Cambodia and Thailand, where he cared for orphaned children of AIDS victims and taught English to adults and children. Luke earned money to support his own trips to the mission field, but also financially supported those missions after he returned home.
At the time of his death, Luke was finishing the refurbishment of a home in his native town of Atchison, Kan., hoping the proceeds from the sale would finance a planned mission trip to northern Afghanistan, a country whose people have been ravaged from decades of conflict. Luke’s life was dedicated to spreading God's word, easing pain and suffering, improving people's lives, and bringing smiles to the faces of children wherever he traveled.


Luke's parents, David and Karen Hausmann, retained Dollar, Burns & Becker and sued United Truck Lines, Inc. for causing the death of their son, Luke, and for the injuries to their surviving children, Ethan, Anna and Julia.


Not only was a significant financial recovery reached with the trucking company, but the negligent firm was also forced to surrender its Department of Transportation operating authority and dissolve its business.


"After this horrific tragedy, we found strength through our faith, but it was with the help of our attorneys that we found justice for our son, Luke. Tim Dollar and Tim Becker carefully explained everything involved in bringing a lawsuit. They listened to us, respected our wishes, and answered all of our questions throughout the process. It was a comfort to know that someone was looking out for our family, giving us time to put our lives back together after such a devastating loss."

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