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Justin Coffman

Justin Coffman, who died in a truck crash accident on Highway K-10 in Johnson County, Kansas

Justin Coffman, 28, died after a tractor-trailer crossed the median of Highway K-10 in Johnson County, Kan. and struck Coffman's oncoming vehicle. The defendant truck driver claimed he drifted across the median when he reached down to retrieve a dropped cup of coffee. The case was filed in Jackson County, Mo. by Dollar, Burns & Becker and venue and jurisdictional issues were appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court, but ultimately upheld in favor of the surviving family. The parties also disputed whether the $250,000 Kansas cap on noneconomic damages would apply. Justin was survived by his wife, Tara; his 2 ½-month-old son, Gabriel; his 9-year-old daughter, Brianna; and his mother, Sheryl.


On behalf of Justin Coffman's surviving wife and family, DB&B filed a lawsuit against the trucking company and its driver for causing Justin's death.


A substantial monetary recovery was reached with the trucking company on behalf of Coffman's family, which included payments above and beyond the limits of the defendants' available insurance coverage. His widow granted the defendant trucking company permission to use her recovery DVD as part of their management training in the hope of saving other families from this kind of tragedy.


”Tim Dollar and Tim Becker came highly recommended, and they did not disappoint us. From their first representation to us after the accident, we could tell they were true professionals and very much in command of the situation, and this gave us comfort. Throughout the process they were excellent lawyers to work with. My family and I always felt that they were very responsive to us and kept us in the loop the whole time. My being a single parent posed a challenge in arranging times for meetings with my lawyers, and so they would come out to meet me after work hours or on weekends. Everyone in the office has been friendly and helpful. I couldn't have asked for better lawyers or assistance during a really difficult time.”

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