Client Stories

John Douglas Wixom III

Wixom and his boss drove Wixom's truck and a trailer full of construction debris into a landfill facility to unload the materials. As the two were preparing to unhitch the trailer, a landfill employee was maneuvering a 3·90C Trashmaster, a compactor weighing more than 100,000 pounds, through the facility to assist with the unloading. 

The Trashmaster was supposed to be in reverse so that Wixom could maneuver between the back of the trailer and the front of the Trashmaster to attach chains and pull the trailer off the hitch. Instead, the machine heaved forward and pinned Wixom between the trailer and the Trashmaster. Wixom’s injuries included severe injuries to his right leg and a crushed pelvis.


Facing nearly $2 million in medical expenses and nearly a million in lost income, Wixom teamed with Dollar, Burns & Becker in a personal injury lawsuit.


Noting that the "defendant fell below the standard of care by failing to implement safety policies and procedures for its employees and by improperly using machinery in a defective and unreasonably dangerously condition,” attorney Tim Dollar secured an $18 million dollar settlement for Wixom. 

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