Safety Advocates

Jeff Burns Plays Active Role in Nationwide Transportation Safety

When it comes to plaintiff’s lawyers fighting for truck and transportation safety, Jeff Burns is a respected expert on the national stage. He is the only plaintiff’s lawyer to serve on the Transportation Research Board’s Truck and Bus Safety Committee in Washington, D.C., and the only attorney who attends meetings. 

In addition, Burns has spent considerable time in Washington, D.C., working to institute and change laws regarding truck safety. 

Dollar, Burns & Becker believes trucking companies need to be held more responsible for the safety parameters of the trucks and their parts. Holding companies accountable for the trucks they drive, Burns believes, will not only save those trucking companies money, but will also help prevent accidents in the future. 

“Our firm tries to do the right thing,” Burns said in regard to his role on the Transportation Research Board. “No other law firm in the country does what we do.”