Client Stories

Jeff and Laura Amano

Jeff and Laura Amano, were involved in a deadly truck crash accident on I-80 near Grand Island, Nebraska.

After having been involved in a minor traffic accident, Laura Amano and her brother Jeff were in a vehicle stopped in a construction zone on I-80 near Grand Island, Neb. The driver of an 18-wheeler tanker truck ignored or didn’t see the warnings of the upcoming construction zone and rear-ended Laura Amano's vehicle at a high speed. Shockingly, the driver admitted he could have veered toward the ditch to avoid the crash but was more concerned about losing his load. The truck landed on top of Laura's car and a fire broke out. Laura and Jeff died in the subsequent fire although they survived the impact of the collision.


With the help of Dollar, Burns & Becker, the children’s mother, Kim Amano, filed a lawsuit against the trucking company and its driver for causing the death of her only children.


Dollar, Burns & Becker reached a substantial monetary recovery with the trucking company on behalf of Laura and Jeff Amano.


"I am truly grateful for everything you have done. You held people accountable, which brought justice and dignity to my children. You took care of the anger I was carrying around and that gave me the strength to move on. The security you have established for me has created a path with many avenues and has taken away that feeling of being lost. I have found peace within."

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