How trucking companies spring into action

By Jeff Burns —

If you’re involved in a large truck-related crash, you may not know what steps to take. Trucking companies, however, have detailed contingency plans in place to protect their own interests.

After any crash, truckers are trained to immediately notify their dispatchers and insurance carriers. In some cases, technology on board the truck notifies the company electronically that a crash has occurred.

At this point, large trucking companies deploy a “go team” that travels to the scene as quickly as possible, often flying in the same day. These teams include defense lawyers, claims adjusters, private investigators, photographers, accident reconstruction specialists and other experts hired to protect the interests of the trucking company and its insurers.

Trucking company investigators will immediately attempt to interview all witnesses, and may even contact victims to offer low settlements before the extent of their injuries has been determined. If given the chance, the “go team” may try to secure the truck, have it removed from the scene, and placed under the trucking company’s control.

The experts working for trucking companies and their insurance carriers are not objective truth-seekers. They have a strong incentive to place blame on victims or other motorists. Even if you hire a lawyer immediately after a crash, the trucking company often has a head start on its case.

Jeff Burns, a truck crash attorney with Dollar Burns & Becker and victim advocate.