Client Stories

Victim of Sexual Assault

Helen was an 81-year-old with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's and dementia. She did not have any living relatives, but a friend from church cared for her until Helen's disease progressed beyond her ability to do so. Helen required skilled nursing care in a long-term facility, but soon after moving to the home, she was the victim of sexual assault by another resident.


When her friend learned what had happened, she called one of our experienced attorneys to represent Helen's rights. A lawsuit was filed by our firm on behalf of the victim against the nursing home operator alleging they failed to protect the victim from the other resident, even after receiving notice he had a propensity toward sexual aggression.


Even though Helen passed away before the case was concluded, the friend pursued this case with our help to its successful resolution. The impact of this tragedy led to severe penalties being leveled against ownership by the state where the crime occurred. In addition, the local media shed light on this nursing home for knowingly allowing a prior sex offender in their facility to potentially prey on Helen and other residents.


"It was obvious from the start, Dollar, Burns & Becker chooses to represent people like Helen because they believe victims are entitled to a voice. They helped me be Helen's voice and the result proved to me the nursing home listened loud and clear. Their experienced attorneys, along with the rest of their staff, showed compassion, expertise and energy. Throughout the case, they demonstrated an understanding of why this case needed to be prosecuted even though Helen was no longer with us.”

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