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Someone plugs a cord into an improperly wired outlet and is fatally electrocuted. A construction worker on a ladder comes in contact with high-voltage electrical wires and suffers an electrocution. A home appliance is defective and causes electrical shock and serious burns.

While electrocutions are not as common as some other accidents, they are often catastrophic for the victims. When people are injured or killed from electrocutions, the experienced attorneys of Dollar, Burns & Becker are here to help families deal with the impact and legal issues associated with catastrophic injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

When a friend or loved one dies in a sudden accident, we understand the emotional and financial challenges as you are forced to adjust to the loss of someone close to you, as well as the potential loss in income. We know how to thoroughly analyze the circumstances of accidents and electrocutions in order to determine all possible causes and every party responsible.


We’ll Find the Cause and Determine Who is Responsible

For those who are mourning the loss of a friend or family member, what they want most is answers. They want to know why the accident occurred, why their love one suffered, and, importantly, who is to blame.

We know from handling hundreds of cases involving catastrophic injuries exactly what to do. We’re also dedicated to promoting accountability and the improvement of safety standards to avoid similar accidents and deaths down the road. We know that electrocutions, construction accidents and industrial accidents are inevitable, but we also know that many can be prevented with changes in safety policies and procedures so needless deaths and suffering can be prevented.


What Causes Electrocutions and Who is Responsible?

When people are electrocuted in workplace accidents, their employers are typically shielded by the workers' compensation system from personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. However, if an outside party is responsible in any way for the accident, that party can be held liable.

Examples of when a third party may have some responsibility for electrocutions include:

  • Construction contractors, electrical contractors, power companies and electricians may be responsible for faulty wiring in a home or for high-voltage power lines hanging too low.
  • Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are liable when defective products cause burns, electric shock or other injuries.
  • When multiple contractors are involved in a construction project, a company other than your employer may be held responsible for negligence that contributed to catastrophic injuries.


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