Driver Fatigue Leading Cause of Truck Crashes

Through years of prosecuting truck companies and representing thousands of victims, we’ve determined conclusively that the number one cause of trucking accidents is driver fatigue. Drivers regularly drive longer than they should to make up time, or don’t get enough sleep before going out on the road. Hundreds of wrongful deaths a year are the result.

But there are many more factors that can cause or contribute to fatal truck crashes.

  • Falsified Driving Logs – Federal Regulations intended to limit time on the road are frequently violated by drivers who falsify their own driving logs to make it appear they are not exceeding recommended hours on the road. Both the trucking company and the driver have a duty to maintain accurate records and follow federal guidelines. We have the knowledge necessary to discover logging violations and hold truck drivers and trucking companies accountable.
  • Equipment Violations – Before a trip, trucks undergo a pre-trip inspection. Poor brakes and bad tires can be detected in these inspections. These faulty products often go undetected or the inspection simply does not happen. If a trucker has mechanical issues while out on the road, management often tells them to wait until they return to their base before making repairs, even if safety is at risk. Mechanical defects often lead to jackknife and rollover crashes.
  • Hiring Bad Drivers – Trucking companies regularly fail to do sufficient background checks on new and existing drivers. Driving history and violations need to be checked before allowing a trucker on the road. Trucking companies are seriously negligent when they allow inexperienced and unqualified drivers on the road.
  • Drunk or Impaired Drivers – A mandatory drug and alcohol test for truck drivers is done at the scene of a crash because drug and/or alcohol use is often a contributing factor in truck crashes.
  • Distracted Drivers – When drivers of massive 18-wheel rigs are not paying attention to the road, it’s a crash waiting to happen. Unfortunately, distracted driving accidents are occurring more and more because drivers are increasingly talking or texting on cellphones and other mobile devices while operating their trucks.


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