Safety Advocates

Tim Dollar Leading Member of MATA

The Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys (MATA) has been fighting for more than 50 years to preserve the rights of Missouri citizens. Founded by lawyers throughout the state, MATA helps their clients by working toward gaining more equitable awards for victims of catastrophic injuries due to someone’s neglect. 

Attorney Tim Dollar was recently awarded the prestigious Thomas G. Strong Trial Attorney Award. He is an active board member of MATA and served as its president in 2012-2013. Dollar helped lead the charge in the fight against negligence and holding those at fault accountable. He continues to do so today. 

Dollar, Burns & Becker, L.C. attorneys Tim Becker and Jeff Burns are also members of the association and Becker and Ricket have served on the organization’s board of governors for the Kansas City district. 

MATA is devoted to protecting the rights of victims and the integrity of the judicial system by seeking out wrongdoings and using its combined efforts and extensive knowledge to withhold or correct those legislations.