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Deborah and Michael Munroe


DeboDeborah and Michael Munroe were involved in a truck crash accident on U.S. 50 in Lee's Summit, MO.rah and Michael Munroe were driving westbound on U.S. 50 in Lee's Summit, Mo. A tractor-trailer driven by a student driver taking his commercial driver's license examination was headed eastbound. The student driver suddenly steered the tractor-trailer across the median and into the path of the Munroes’ vehicle, causing a violent collision. Both Deborah and Michael were injured in the crash, with Deborah’s injuries being serious and life-threatening.


With the help of Dollar, Burns & Becker, Deborah and Michael Munroe brought an action against the trucking company that owned the tractor-trailer and operated the driving school where the student driver received his truck driving training.


Deborah Munroe's past medical expenses totaled nearly $700,000. Her doctors testified that she would have to undergo numerous additional surgeries and continued medical treatment throughout her lifetime due to the injuries she sustained in the crash. Both Deborah and Michael missed work due to their injuries and were forced to retire from their careers, Deborah because of her disability and Michael in order to care for Deborah. The recovery proceeds ensured that Deborah and Michael could satisfy past medical expenses and would have the means to provide for future medical needs, and provided compensation for their inability to continue their careers.
In addition to the financial recovery, the truck driving school planned to raise its standard minimum requirements that a student must meet before being permitted to take the CDL examination.


”The day I met Jeff Burns I immediately knew that I was going to hire Dollar, Burns & Becker to represent Debbie and me,” said Michael. “Jeff made me feel at ease from the moment we shook hands, and I had the same feeling when I met Tim Dollar. The lawyers and their staff gave Debbie and me the feeling that they really cared about us as individuals. They worked tirelessly getting our case ready for trial. As the trial date approached, I talked to Jeff nearly every day. He was often at the office until late in the evening working on our case. Debbie and I also appreciate the firm's volunteer involvement with Parents Against Tired Truckers (P.A.T.T.) and Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH). It speaks volumes about their care and interest in the people they represent.”

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