We Provide Truck Crash
Expertise and Litigation

At Dollar, Burns & Becker, we have built a nationwide reputation as the best, thanks to our vigorous representation of thousands of injured truck crash victims.

We go the distance, both in court and with you, to protect others down the road. We hold companies accountable and have successfully required the largest truck firms in the nation to make significant safety changes. As victims’ rights advocates, we also fight for legislative reform.


Nation's Most Respected Truck Crash Attorney 

Jeffrey Burns is considered by many to be the most respected truck crash attorney in the nation. In addition to representing victims, he’s spent considerable time in Washington, D.C., working on safety issues, trying to get safety rules changed, and advocating for more enforcement and more public awareness of the problem. Burns says that truck driver fatigue is the primary cause of most truck crashes and it still doesn’t have the public awareness it needs. His goal is to help trucking companies see the light and realize there can actually be a remarkable return on investment when they institute or strengthen safety programs.

Burns’ intimate knowledge of truck crashes and attorney Tim Dollar’s acumen in the courtroom make for a formidable team. Dollar is considered one of the top trial lawyers in America and has tried to verdict more than 250 jury trials, including 60 as a prosecutor for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. In fact, Dollar is so effective in the courtroom Jackson County has continued to contract with him for important homicide prosecutions every year for the past 28 years.


Knowledge is Power in the Courtroom

Knowledge of the subject at hand is critically important. “Whether it’s trucking, medical negligence or nursing home abuse, you have to be as knowledgeable about that discipline as any expert in the field,” Dollar says. “People need to understand that a truck crash is not a typical car accident. You need very specialized expertise,” he says, “and we have it. That’s why we’re so successful in truck crash cases. Jeff Burns is the foremost expert on federal motor carrier regulations in the country, bar none.”

Attorney Tim Becker is another respected veteran in the specialized area of truck crashes at Dollar Burns & Becker.

“What we do for our clients is a lot like prosecutors’ work,” says Becker, “we are pursuing justice for people who are injured or killed in truck crashes. If we don’t push the case, nothing is going to happen.” An important part of the firm’s work is to provide comfort and especially hope for the families. He notes, “I am constantly dealing with families who have lost loved ones, often days after it happened.”

“When we first meet them,” Becker says, “they are at the absolute lowest point of their lives. A year or two later, we see them come around and have that hope and sense of purpose back, pursuing the case to prevent it from happening to another family.”


Truck Crashes are Not Accidents

“Almost without exception, these crashes aren’t accidents,” he emphasizes. “There’s a reason they happened and we can tell the families with absolute certainty we will find out exactly what really happened. Because we handle more trucking cases than any other firm in the country, we know the patterns, we know what to look for, we know what documents they’re supposed to have, and we know what their drivers are supposed to do, and that’s why we can effectively get to the truth. That’s a comfort to people,” Becker explains.

"Dollar, Burns & Becker brings compassion, action, energy, and expertise to what are otherwise devastatingly helpless feelings of loss and heartbreak. If I ever have a loved one involved in a truck crash again, they would be the first call I would make." Jennifer Tierney, Board Member, Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH) and daughter of James Tierney, killed in a truck accident, Kernersville, N. C.


Contact Us Immediately: 1-877-816-2600

It’s important to contact us immediately if you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck crash. Investigating crime scenes and preserving evidence needs to be done as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours of the crash. We can often be on a plane the next day after we’re contacted.