Dollar Burns & Becker attorney weighs in on Blue Springs bus tragedy

February 24, 2016

Ten people were hospitalized on Monday, Feb. 22 after a tractor-trailer sideswiped a charter bus on westbound I-70 in Blue Springs, Missouri.

One victim is in critical condition, and another remains hospitalized with serious injuries. The other eight were released from Centerpoint Medical Center with minor injuries.

The bus was stopped on the side of the highway due to a flat tire, when the driver of a semi-truck became distracted. According to the driver, his chewing gum caused him to choke. When he reached for his water he took his eyes off of the road, and swerved onto the shoulder. 

Tim Dollar was interviewed by KSHB on how he believes this crash could have been avoided. Here is a snippet of what he said:  

“A driver such as this, should have anticipated the potential of a hazard miles away and reacted appropriately, with reduced speed, lane change and evasive actions to make sure he did not create even the potential that some tragedy like this could occur.”

Dollar also said that commercial vehicles like the one in this crash are equipped with technology that will help police identify the cause of the tragedy.

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